Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a Church Group Registration Form?

Call our office at 706-865-0853 or send us an email at and tell us you are interested in bringing your church to Woodlands! We will then add you to our Group mailing list and send you a form.

If one of my campers drops out before February 22, can I replace him?

Yes! You will just go to your itinerary, “rename” the attendee who dropped out, and enter the new attendee in his place.

If one of my campers drops out after February 22, can I replace him?

No. Unfortunately, we usually have a waiting list for camp. if you have a camper drop out after February 22, his deposit will be forfeited and we will need to give his spot to the next person on our waiting list. Please contact us and request to be put on our waiting list if you need more spots.

How do I name an attendee?

Login to our website and go to “view itineraries”. Next to each anonymous spot it will say “Name Attendee”. Click the “Name attendee button". it will give you two options. Click“send request code”Do not click name attendee. After you click “send request code” it will ask you to enter the attendee’s name and the parent’s email address. Fill in the information and click “send”. The request code will then be sent to the parent's email. The parent will log into their account and complete the registration process.

Once a parent receives the church group request code, what do they do? 

First, they will need to login to our website (if this is their first year coming to camp they will need to create an account). Then, on the account dashboard they will click “Enter Church Group Code” and enter the code there.

If one of my students is outside of the age requirements for the week of camp that all of his friends are coming, can he still come with his friends?

Unfortunately, no. We divide our camps according to age, not grade. We have found that while this is frustrating for a few people, it is overall a much better way to divide campers than by grade. (Example: a Junior High student who is 14 must come to our teen camp, since we only allow 11-13 year olds to be in Junior High camp.)

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