Paying as a Church Group

All group payments must be made with an electronic check or a church check. No credit cards or individual checks will be accepted when registering as a church group. Please instruct parents to make their checks payable to the church.

Church checks should be made payable to “Woodlands Camp”.

Church groups are responsible for collecting and tracking payments from their own campers.

The Woodlands Camp will NOT keep track of camper’s payments when they attend with a church group. Their balance will be charged to the church in full. All payments from the church will be put towards the group balance.

Church group leaders will have access to the group statement through the login page.

When Woodlands processes a payment, it will show up under “View Statement” once the group leader is logged into their account. They will be able to view an up-to-date group balance.

Deposits for cancelled spots can be transferred within a group until February 22. After February 22, the deposits for cancelled spots will be forfeited.

Pre-registration deposit= $50 per held spot (due with Church Group Registration Form)

Registration deposit= $50 per registered camper (due on February 22)

Remaining balance= see statement for final balance (due one week before arrival at camp)

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