Church Group Registration

Group Leaders Instructions and Responsibilities

Receiving instructions on how to access their group page. (If you were a group leader last year, you may use your login from last year.) From there, group leaders will be able to see the group balance and names of campers who have successfully registered to attend with the group, as well as any anonymous holds (held group spots that haven't been filled by a camper).

Emailing church group codes to the campers attending with their group. Each group leader will be able to enter camper names to email a church group code to the camper's parent. These codes will be used by the camper's PARENT to register their camper online with their church group. 

Parents of campers attending with church groups will NOT have access to the registration deposit or payment online. They will be allowed to put money on their camper's Trading Post account and purchase email packages online. If they are asked to make a payment towards their registration fee, please contact the office.

Parents of campers attending with church groups will NOT be able to register with the wrong group by mistake. As long as a parent uses his/her church group code, they will be automatically signed up to attend with their church.

All holds must be filled by February 22. It is the group leader's responsibility to be aware of how group holds are being filled. We would recommend that groups set their own registration "due date" to encourage parents to sign up for their holds right away. All holds that are still "anonymous" or have request codes attached to them online will be released on February 22. 

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