Are you a leader in your church's elementary, middle or high school ministry that is interested in bringing a group to one of our summer camps? Following is some important information you should know!

General Information

We will reserve a maximum of 45% of each week’s spots for church groups. The remaining spots will be reserved for individual and scholarship campers. When 45% of a week's spots are held by church groups, that week will be closed to groups. There will be no exceptions. Please keep this in mind and return the Church Group Registration Form and deposit ASAP in order to guarantee your spots in your preferred week.

Holds will be placed once the camp office has received the completed and signed Church Group Registration Form. We will begin accepting Church Group Registration Forms on Wednesday, January 11. Each group may hold as many spots as they need up to the number of campers they brought in the same age group as last summer. Groups may also request to increase their total spots up to 10%, but Woodlands reserves the right to award the extra spots based on availability. Once all of your holds are filled, you may request extra spots in increments of 5 until the week is full. If your group is new to Woodlands, you may request up to a total of 20 spots for your group.

Please submit the Church Group Registration Form online. The first half of the deposit is due at noon EST on Friday, January 13. You may either mail the check or pay online with an electronic check. An initial deposit of $50 is due for each spot held (e.g. 10 spots = $500).

Mark a first and second week option on your Church Group Registration Form, in case the first option fills up.

Completed Church Group Registration Forms will be processed in the order they are received. The Church Group Registration Form will not register your campers. It will only hold your spots giving you time to register your campers.

Holds are guaranteed until February 22. After February 22, all anonymous holds will be released to the general public. After March 1, if spots are still available, five holds may be given at a time and will expire within one week.

Cancellation Policy

If there is a cancellation BEFORE February 22, the deposit will show as a credit and the held spot will stay on the church's account.

If there is a cancellation AFTER February 22, the deposit will be forfeited and the spot will be given to the next person on the waiting list. If you have filled all of your spots for your church, please let the camp office know so we can add them to our waiting list. Please do not make a waiting list with your church.

Mass Cancellation Policy

If there is a cancellation of 10 or more campers BEFORE February 22, the deposit will show as a credit on the church's account or will be refunded IF we can fill the spots with other campers. Otherwise, the deposit will be forfeited.

If there is a cancellation of 10 or more campers AFTER February 22, the church is required to pay for the cancelled spots in full.

Church Group Registration

Group Leaders Instructions and Responsibilities

  • Receiving instructions on how to access their group page.
    • If you were a group leader last year, you may use your login from last year.
    • From there, group leaders will be able to see the group balance and names of campers who have successfully registered to attend with the group, as well as any anonymous holds (held group spots that haven't been filled by a camper).
  • Emailing church group codes to the campers attending with their group.
    • Each group leader will be able to enter camper names to email a church group code to the camper's parent. These codes will be used by the camper's PARENT to register their camper online with their church group. 
  • General Info:
    • Parents of campers attending with church groups will NOT have access to the registration deposit or payment online. They will be allowed to put money on their camper's Trading Post account and purchase email packages online. If they are asked to make a payment towards their registration fee, please contact the office.
    • Parents of campers attending with church groups will NOT be able to register with the wrong group by mistake. As long as a parent uses his/her church group code, they will be automatically signed up to attend with their church.
    • All holds must be filled by February 22. It is the group leader's responsibility to be aware of how group holds are being filled. We would recommend that groups set their own registration "due date" to encourage parents to sign up for their holds right away. All holds that are still "anonymous" or have request codes attached to them online will be released on February 22. 

Paying as a Group

  • All group payments must be made with an electronic check or a church check. No credit cards or individual checks will be accepted when registering as a church group. Please instruct parents to make their checks payable to the church.
  • Church checks should be made payable to “Woodlands Camp”.
  • Church groups are responsible for collecting and tracking payments from their own campers.
  • Woodlands Camp will NOT keep track of camper’s payments when they attend with a church group. Their balance will be charged to the church in full. All payments from the church will be put towards the group balance.
  • Church group leaders will have access to the group statement through the login page.
  • When Woodlands processes a payment, it will show up under “View Statement” once the group leader is logged into their account. They will be able to view an up-to-date group balance.
  • Deposits for cancelled spots can be transferred within a group until February 22. After February 22, the deposits for cancelled spots will be forfeited.
  • Initial group registration deposit = $50 per held spot (due with Church Group Registration Form)
  • Final group registration deposit = $50 per registered camper (due on February 22)
  • Remaining balance = see statement for final balance (due one week before arrival at camp)

Attending as a Group


  • Most church groups arrive at camp in buses or vans that they can park on our property during the week. However, your group does NOT have to arrive at camp together (you may set up car pools OR have each camper ride with his/her own parent).
  • Divide camper's luggage by gender as you load the bus.
  • Collect all medication with detailed instructions before leaving so you can turn in one box to the nurses.
  • Collect any spending money with a double-checked list before leaving so you can turn it in upon arrival.


Each church group must check-in together in the Woodlands Camp office (by the dining hall). The primary group leader (or someone that he/she designates) should check-in the entire group at one time. They should be prepared to handle any medication, spending money, and communicate to each of their campers his/her cabin assignment and help them get situated.


Your group may bring one sponsor for every 15 campers at no charge. If this ratio is not met, the sponsor must pay the cost of camp your church is attending. Sponsor spots are very limited. We will do our best to accommodate at least one sponsor for each group and then award remaining spots depending on the size of the group. No church is allowed to bring more than six sponsors in one week (children may accompany adult sponsors, however kids ages two (2) and up will be counted as a sponsor for your group and will be charged the applicable sponsor fee). The only activity we schedule for sponsors is a brief orientation meeting shortly after your arrival. Your sponsors have no official responsibilities. You are our guest while your group is here and are encouraged to come and go as you please. We invite you to attend all meals and services and interact with campers during their scheduled free time.


Safety is one of our primary concerns. For this reason, visitors are strongly discouraged. Please communicate this policy to your camper's parents, church members, etc.


You are allowed to make your own cabin assignments for your group. If you prefer to assign your own cabins, please email your cabin assignments at least ONE FULL WEEK prior to your arrival. Please put no more than SIX campers in each cabin. We reserve the right to change your assignments if these guidelines are not followed.

Camper check-in runs from 3-5PM every Monday. If your group arrives early, please park in the designated area and instruct your group to stay with the vehicle. Campers are not allowed to enter the cabins until 3PM. Campers are dismissed at 9:15AM on the last day of camp (Junior camps end on Friday and Pee-Wee, Junior High and Teen camps end on Saturday). All campers attending with a group will be instructed to place their luggage in a designated area. Sponsors can begin loading luggage before campers are dismissed but may not enter the cabins until 9:15AM.

Attendance Policy

Please plan to have your campers stay for the entire duration of camp. We have procedures in place for emergencies as they arise. However, please do not allow campers to sign up for a week that they would have to leave early.

Late Arrival

The office must be notified if a camper will be arriving late to camp. Please provide the specific time and date of their arrival. Notification can be submitted by phone, fax, email or note at check-in.

Early Departure

If a camper needs to leave before camp is dismissed, his/her parent/guardian must provide written permission at least 24 hours prior to departure. Written permission can only be given by letter or email and should include the name of the camper, specific time and date of departure, reason for leaving and the person's name who will be picking them up. If anyone other than a parent arrives to pick up a camper and the office has NOT received proper notification, we will not release the camper until we have obtained consent directly from the parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a Church Group Registration Form?

Call our office at 706-865-0853 or send us an email at and tell us you are interested in bringing your church to Woodlands! We will then add you to our Group mailing list and send you a form.

If one of my campers drops out before February 22, can I replace him?

Yes! You will just go to your itinerary, “rename” the attendee who dropped out, and enter the new attendee in his place.

If one of my campers drops out after February 22, can I replace him?

No. Unfortunately, we usually have a waiting list for camp. If you have a camper drop out after February 22, his deposit will be forfeited and we will need to give his spot to the next person on our waiting list. Please contact us and request to be put on our waiting list if you need more spots.

How do I name an attendee?

Login to our website and go to “view itineraries”. Next to each anonymous spot it will say “Name Attendee”. Click the “Name Attendee" button. it will give you two options. Click “Send Request Code”. Do not click "Name Attendee". After you click “Send Request Code”, it will ask you to enter the attendee’s name and the parent’s email address. Fill in the information and click “Send”. The request code will then be sent to the parent's email. The parent will log into their account and complete the registration process.

Once a parent receives the church group request code, what do they do? 

First, they will need to login to our website (if this is their first year coming to camp they will need to create an account). Then, on the account dashboard they will click “Enter Church Group Code” and enter the code there.

If one of my students is outside of the age requirements for the week of camp that all of his friends are coming, can he still come with his friends?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure we are able to deliver age appropriate content, we divide our programs according to age, not grade. (e.g. a Junior High student who is 14 must come to our teen camp, since we only allow 11-13 year olds to attend Junior High camp.)

If you have any questions regarding attending summer camp as a church group or you would like to be added to our group mailing list, please contact the office at