Register for Pee-Wee Camp!

Pee-Wee Camp - ages 6-8 - $165
 May 25-27, 2017 - Big Jon

Pee-Wee Camp is an overnight program for 6-8 year-old campers and runs from Thursday after­noon to Saturday morning. Pee-Wee Camp will take all of the fun, excitement and spiritual focus of Junior Camp and boil it down into 40 unforgettable hours! Campers will get to play games, swim, and experience all of the other extraordinary elements of Woodlands while being taught some incredible truths from God’s Word. It is a great program for younger siblings of current Woodlands campers who are ready for their chance to go to camp or for campers who are looking to ease into summer camp without committing to a full week.

Camper Information


Check-in runs from 3–5pm on Thursday. Please do not arrive any earlier than 2:00pm. The final balance will be due 7 days prior to the first day of camp. Please log into your account to pay your balance in full.


Camper pick-up takes place at your camper’s cabin AFTER closing activities on Saturday at 9:15am. Please be sure to pick up your camper by 9:45am on closing day. After 9:45am, campers will be sent to the office for pick up.


If you camper needs to cancel their registration for camp, everything will be refunded except for the deposit. The deposit is $100. It is non-transferable to other campers and non-refundable.

Spending Money

All campers are required to add a minimum of $10 to their Trading Post account online. However, additional funds may be added to the camper’s Trading Post account online or on check-in day. For Pee-Wee Camp, $20-$40 is a good amount to bring for the snack shop, gift shop, coffee shop, bookstore and offering. Any remaining funds will be given back to the camper in cash on the last day of camp unless specified to donate remaining balance to the offering.

Available Activities

There are many activities available to campers during free time in the afternoons. At the lake, campers can enjoy the blob, trapeze, diving boards, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, two 100-foot water slides, and even tubing behind a jet ski! Up by the ball field, campers can play soccer, jump on the EuroBungey, ride one of the 900-foot zip lines, climb the rock wall, or play pickup basketball in the dome. With their counselor, campers may also venture out to our low ropes course and work through challenges as a cabin and earn points for their team!

Health and Safety

Safety is one of our primary concerns at Woodlands Camp. Your kids become our kids when they step onto camp, so we take their well being very seriously. For this reason, we have the following safety standards and procedures in place.

Health Staff

Because safety is such a big priority, we take special care when choosing our health staff. They are present with first aid equipment at camp activities. We have two Registered Nurses and three health assistants on staff as well as a doctor on call. If you have questions regarding a health concern for your child please contact


While camp is in session, visitors are prohibited. Special exceptions may be granted by the office prior to a visit. Guests are required to check-in upon arrival and check-out at the camp office. Guests are required to remain with Woodlands staff or an approved chaperon while on camp property. Woodlands Camp reserves the right to decline any visitation request. If a visitor knowingly fails to comply with any camp policy, they will be asked to leave the premises. If necessary, local authorities will be contacted. 

Swim Time Safety

Every camper is required to take a swim test before the first swim session starts. We take swim safety extremely seriously. There are always at least 10 certified lifeguards present and actively watching the campers during swim time. 

Food Allergies/Sensitivity Policy

There are a wide variety of food allergies and sensitivities that children have. Unfortunately, due to time restraints and the volume of food served each meal at Woodlands, we do not offer special dietary menus. If your child has an allergy or sensitivity, please check our menu: Pee-Wee Camp Menu.

If you feel your child needs supplemental/replacement food you may send these and deliver them to the camp kitchen the day of registration between 2:30-4:30 INCLUDING a filled out Allergy Form: Pee-Wee Allergy Form.

Due to the risk of cross contamination and health codes, the kitchen staff cannot cook individual meals. Everything must be pre-made/cooked and pre-packaged in serving size containers. A refrigerator, freezer, dry storage and microwave is available. Please follow these labeling instructions:

Camper Name (Happy Camper)
Date to be served (Monday, June 20)
Meal to be served (Breakfast)

A note about severe food allergies: We do have kids who come to camp with severe food allergies, but they must be aware of their allergy and of course, know what they can and can not have. Our kitchen is not nut free and many of the mixes, etc. – even though they do not contain peanuts- have been "processed in a place that processes peanuts, etc., etc…" If something is served that actually contains nuts, the kitchen staff places a sign by that food that lets the camper know it contains nuts. We also provide a special Woodlands wristband to campers with rescue medication (epi-pens, inhalers) to alert the staff that medication is available in the event of an emergency. We know the severity of food allergies varies so we trust you as the parent to ultimately decide if the camp environment is safe for your child's health. If you feel that it is, we certainly will do what we can to make sure your camper has a safe and unforgettable week. If you have further medical questions, please feel free to email the camp nurse at

Diabetic Campers

We ask that the camper is "well controlled" meaning they have had consistent BS levels for the last 6-9 weeks (prior to camp), they need to know their high and low symptoms (and not be afraid to tell someone) and do not need any regular middle of the night care (BS checks, insulin doses). Some campers are fairly self sufficient and some need more help. The clinic is attached to the dining hall so communicating and checking BS at mealtimes is very convenient. We are happy to help calculate carbs and give insulin as long as the camper is willing to communicate with the lead nurse and "having to check in with the nurse" doesn't bother them or feel like it will take away from their camp experience. We do keep records of their mealtime BS levels and insulin doses for our documentation. Some campers bring an extra glucometer to keep in the clinic and one to keep with them for convenience, but this is not required if you do not have a second one. We also have a refrigerator to keep insulin and any extra supplies. Checking BS at any point during the day is not a problem and is preferable prior to swim time and required if there have been irregularities.  Keeping snacks, glucose tabs, etc. with them and in their cabin is permitted as well. Camp is definitely a more active environment than school so please keep that in mind when discussing camp with your camper's doctor and in sending instructions for correction doses, carb ratios, etc. for their week of camp.  

Physical and/or Mental Limitations

It is our desire that every child have an opportunity to attend Woodlands.  However, some physical and/or mental limitations may prevent a child from having a safe and enjoyable week at camp. In regard to physical and/or mental disabilities or limitations, we ask that each child have the ability to perform all activities of daily living (dressing, eating, ambulating, toileting and hygiene) with independence. We do have handicap access to most buildings, but please notify our office BEFORE camper arrival to be sure we can safely accommodate your child. In regards to mental limitations or developmental delays, each camper needs to have the ability to understand and follow rules and instructions. Many activities at camp have an inherent risk associated with them (zip line, swimming, etc.) and require a cognitive understanding of procedure and potential dangers before participating.  Your child will be expected to have the ability to follow these instructions for their safety. If your child needs assistance in any of these areas and you are unsure whether your child can safely attend camp, please contact our nurse at

After Hours Emergencies

Our office is open from 8:30am-5:30pm on regular business days. In the event of an emergency and you need to contact someone after business hours, please call 706-865-0853x122

Contact Your Camper

Letters and Packages

Parents may drop off mail for their camper at check-in. Please specify each letter or package with your camper’s name and day you would like it to be delivered. Letters and packages will be delivered at lunch. Package(s) requirements:
- Packages should not be larger than SHOE-BOX SIZE.
- Please limit THREE (3) shoe-box sized packages per camper (whether delivered at check-in or mailed).
- Parents or friends may not drop off packages while camp is in session.
- There is no limit for letters.
- NO FAXES or E-MAIL - No exceptions. You may purchase a one-way email package for your camper.

Camp Care Packages

If you would like to send your camper a Woodlands Camp care package, they will be available on check-in day at the Trading Post.

Mailing or Shipping

Woodlands Camp does not guarantee on any postal service delivery. If we do receive a mailed letter or package after your camper has left camp, we will return it to the sender. Here is how to label a package that is sent to your camper:

USPS, UPS or FedEx
Camper's First and Last Name
Week of Camp Attending
Woodlands Camp
1242 Old Blue Creek Rd.
Cleveland, GA 30528

Phone Calls or Visiting

We are very thankful that you have entrusted your camper to us while they are away at camp and we fully understand and accept the responsibility for their care. However, we do not allow personal phone calls (incoming or outgoing) or personal visitation during the camp session. In the case of an emergency, you will be notified promptly. If a serious concern arises, you may contact the camp office.

After Hours Emergencies

Our office is open from 8:30am-5:30pm on regular business days. In the event of an emergency and you need to contact someone after business hours, please call 706-348-3742

Packing List


- Modest length, loose fitting shorts or pants (our standard is that shorts come within 4” from the top of the knee when standing).
- Shirts with the sides cut out are not acceptable.
- Boxer style swimsuit; must fit appropriately.


- Modest length, loose fitting shorts or pants (our standard is that shorts come within 4” from the top of the knee when standing).
- Spandex, yoga pants and leggings are only acceptable if shorts are worn over them.
- Modest, loose fitting tops. Tops should not expose cleavage, midriff or undergarments and should have straps at least 2" wide. Strapless tops, halter‐tops and racer backs are not acceptable.
- Modest, one-piece swimsuit with straps. Swimsuits with low-cut tops, high-cut sides or cutouts are not acceptable. Tankinis are acceptable, but the top and bottom MUST stay together.


- Tennis shoes are required for many activities.
- Undergarments must always be covered by outer garments (i.e. no boxer shorts or bra straps showing, including sports bras).
- No clothing should be worn that promotes ideals that could be offensive or that are not consistent with the values of Woodlands (including profanity, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or other worldly ideals).
- Note: Our goal in developing a dress standard is to be both modest and practical. However, dress standards can often be a source of tension, especially among girl campers. In today’s society, the “less is more” mentality is displayed through low cut jeans and shorts, tight or revealing tops and short shorts. Please understand that Woodlands is committed to protecting the innocence of your child while they are in our care. With this in mind, we will ask campers who are inappropriately dressed (wearing articles of clothing not consistent with Woodlands’ dress standard) to change. We appreciate your sensitivity to this subject matter, as it is our goal to create an impactful, unforgettable camp environment that is free from distractions 

What to Bring

- Bedding for a twin size bed or sleeping bag and pillow
- Towels and toiletries
- T-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes and swimsuit
- Sunscreen
- Medication in original container
- Bible, pen and notebook
- Flashlight
- Water bottle

What NOT to Bring

- Electronics of any kind (including cell phones, MP3 players, gaming devices, laptops, tablets, radios, TVs, CD players, etc.)
- Fireworks, firearms or knives
- Body rings (body piercings)
- Tobacco, drugs or alcohol
- Sports equipment that could endanger others (such as skateboards, bikes, scooters, paintball/airsoft guns, bats, etc.)


Please do not pack medication. All camper medication must be turned in to our health assistants at check-in. Only our health staff is allowed to administer medication. Our health center stocks basic over-the-counter medications (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Benadryl, etc.) and first aid supplies. It is not necessary to send these unless your child needs them on a regular basis.

Lost and Found

Lost items not requested in 7 days will be disposed of. Requested items will be mailed C.O.D. (cash on delivery). Please fill out a Lost and Found Form in search of lost items.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my camper’s roommate request? 

Go to our website ( and use your username and password to login. Click on “View Itineraries.” Click on your child’s name and then click the “Roommate Request” button (toward the bottom/center of the screen). At that point you may either accept a roommate request by entering a request code that had been emailed to you, or you may make a request yourself by entering the first and last name of the person you want your child rooming with as well as his/her parent’s email address. An email will then be sent to the other parent with a request code in it and they will use that request code to accept your request. Roommate requests must be entered AND accepted by noon on the Wednesday before your child's camp week starts.

What do I do if my camper has a food allergy? 

You may see our policies regarding allergies on our safety and general information page. If you have any questions, please contact our camp nurse, Julie Estes, at She can answer any questions you may have as well as help figure out a solution for your particular situation.

What is an electronic check? And is it secure? 

An electronic check performs the same function as a conventional paper check without having to wait for it to come in the mail. Also, since it is an electronic format, it can be processed in fewer steps than a standard paper check. It requires entering your Routing Number and Account Number (which are both written at the bottom of your check) - see diagram below. Once in the system, our office can only see the last 4 digits of the account number, which is just one of the security systems in place. Your security is a HIGH priority to us! Also, by using electronic checks instead of credit cards, we are able to keep the cost of camp as low as possible for you. 

Can I take a tour of Woodlands? 

Yes, but it must be led by one of our office staff, so please call (706-865-0853) or email ( the office to set up your tour time!

Is there a difference between Xtreme Camp and Traditional Camp? 

Yes! Our Xtreme campers have their very own Xtreme campsite, which is about a 5-minute hike into the woods from our traditional campsite. While our traditional campers have cabins, our Xtreme campers sleep in hammock shelters with their counselors and the rest of their cabin. They have bonfires and cook some of their meals at their campsite. However, they will join us for breakfast and several other meals in the dining hall. There is one day they spend on camp enjoying the activities we offer, the other days they go on Xtreme Adventures, such as hiking, mountain climbing, paintballing, rafting, and even learning survival skills!