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There are so many fun activities for campers to experience while they are at Woodlands! However, our number one goal is to keep every camper safe. Safety is on the top of our priority list. Our summer staff go through extensive training on each of our activities at camp as well as every element on our low ropes course. Below are some specifics about the training and safety precautions we take for each activity.

waterfront safety

There are always 10 lifeguards on duty at all times when the lake front is open. Each lifeguard is lifeguard and CPR certified through the American Red Cross. Each lifeguard is taught how to perform a rescue the correct way. They are also taught how to use and administer an Automated External Defibrillator. There is an AED available at Woodlands if needed.

On the first full day of camp, every camper must do the swim test. If they pass the swim test, they will receive a green band notifying the lifeguards that they can indeed swim on their own. If they do not pass the swim test, they will not receive a wrist band and must wear a life jacket at all times. 


Summer staff are trained on each of the different lake front activities like the blob, trapeze, water slides and tubing. The lake front and the lake activities are only open during free time and when there is staff supervision.

high ropes safety

There are several elements, such as our zip lines, rock walls and giant swing, that require training as well. Most summer staffers are trained for a specific element that they become an expert at over the course of the summer. We do hire an outside company, Signature Research, to come and inspect all of our high ropes activities.