Woodlands App

In our technologically advanced culture, smart phone apps have become a near non-negotiable. There are apps to help keep us productive, organized, informed, entertained, in touch... If you can dream up a perceived need, there is likely an app out there for it.

A few years ago, we dreamed up a perceived need. A need to equip our campers and their families with a plan to make Scripture reading and memorization a part of their every day life during the 51 weeks when they're not at Woodlands.

Today, that dream becomes a reality! The free Woodlands app is now available for download on iPhones, iPads, Windows phones and Androids! It includes...

  • Daily Bible reading plan
  • Weekly Scripture memorization plan
  • Video teaching how to have a great Quiet Time
  • Access to all of our summer chapel podcasts
  • Access to all of our camp videos
  • Camp calendar

Our prayer is that this app will be a tool in helping to continue inspiring and equipping our campers, their friends and families to love God's Word. Hope you'll check it out!


Note: If you don't have a smart phone, you can download and print a free copy of our Scripture reading and memorization plan online.