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Bullying is a very serious issue for campers today which is why we want to create a safe an inviting place for all campers that attend Woodlands Camp. Any type of bullying is unacceptable and we have trained our counselors to be aware of any signs of bullying and what to do if campers are being bullied. We take every incident very seriously.

Bullying can be prevented with close monitoring from their counselor or other summer staffers. Campers are with their cabin the majority of the day. During free time, campers may choose how they would like to spend their free time. For this reason, we have decided to lock all cabin doors during free time so that no campers can be in a room with a closed door and to help prevent bullying. We do leave the main hallway doors unlocked so the campers can have access to the water fountain. 

During the week, the counselors try to check in on each camper with a one-on-one conversation (in a public place). This gives the camper the opportunity to let their counselor know if they are being bullied or if they have witnessed someone being bullied. Campers are encouraged to tell their counselor if they see any bullying or inappropriate behavior. 

If bullying behavior has happened in the cabin, the counselor will sit down with the camper who bullied the other camper(s) and give them a verbal warning. If they receive a second warning, they will have a conversation about bullying with our camp director. If the bullying continues, the parents or legal guardian of the camper will be called and asked to come pick up their camper. If this happens, the camper will be taken out of the cabin and will stay with either our head counselors or with a member of our full-time staff until they are picked up.