If your church group is checking in as a group (they are not arriving individually), the group leader will need to check-in at the coffee shop. The group leader will turn in any spending money, medications or mail at the coffee shop. At check-in, the group leader will be given the camper's wristbands and the cabin assignments of their campers. 

The campers will need to come up to the courtyard (the patio in front of the coffee shop) to receive their wristbands and take a picture with Big Jon. Once they receive their wristband, they are free to go to their cabin.

Camper check-in runs from 3-5pm every Monday. If your group arrives early, please park in the designated area and instruct your group to stay with the vehicle. Campers are not allowed to enter the cabins until 3pm. Campers are dismissed at 9:15am on the last day of camp (Junior camps end on Fridays and Pee-Wee, Junior High and Teen camps end on Saturdays). All campers attending with a group will be instructed to place their luggage in a designated area. Sponsors can begin loading luggage before campers are dismissed, but may not enter the cabins until 9:15am.

sponsors // chaperones

Your group may bring one sponsor for every 15 campers at no charge. If this ratio is not met, the sponsor must pay the cost of camp your church is attending. Sponsor spots are limited. We will do our best to accommodate at least one sponsor for each group and then award remaining spots depending on the size of the group. No church is allowed to bring more than six sponsors in one week (children may accompany adult sponsors, however kids ages two (2) and up will be counted as a sponsor for your group and will be charged the applicable sponsor fee). The only activity we schedule for sponsors is a brief orientation meeting shortly after your arrival. Sponsors have no official responsibilities. You are our guest while your group is here and are encouraged to come and go as you please. We invite you to attend all meals and services and interact with campers during their scheduled free time.


Woodlands does not provide transportation for church groups. However, most church groups arrive to camp in buses or vans that they can park on our property during the week. Your group may set up car pools or have each camper ride with his/her own parent.

Other helpful hints: please divide the camper's luggage by gender as you load the bus, collect all medications and spending money before leaving so you can turn it in upon arrival. It is recommended that parents add their camper's spending money online to lessen the risk of their cash/check being lost or stolen.

cabin assignments

You are allowed to make your own cabin assignments for your group. If you prefer to assign your own cabins, please email your cabin assignments at least one full week prior to your arrival. Please put no more than six campers in each cabin. We reserve the right to change your assignments if these guidelines are not followed.