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food allergy policy

There are a wide variety of food allergies and sensitivities that children have. If your child has a mild sensitivity and is not affected by cross contamination, Woodlands promises certain foods will be safe in every meal for your child.

 Gluten free- bun-less sandwiches and burgers, salad bar options
Dairy free- no butter in scrambled eggs, salad bar options
Egg free- Breads are egg free and our fryer oil never contains egg ingredients.

If you would like to see our regular menu with comprehensive gluten, dairy, and egg ingredient notations, please email for a copy.

However, if your child has a severe allergy, and if you feel your child needs additional supplemental/replacement food (due to a severe allergy or issue with cross contamination) you may pack and send these yourself for your child, to be received during check in on opening day between 2:30pm-4:30pm.  Due to the risk of cross contamination and health codes, the kitchen staff cannot cook individual meals for those with severe allergies. Everything must be pre-made/cooked and pre-packaged in serving size containers. A refrigerator, freezer, and microwave is available. Please follow the following labeling instructions:

 Camper Name (Happy Camper)
Date to be served (Monday, June 20)
Meal to be served (Breakfast)

There is also an Allergy Form that can be completed on the website with area to write in substitutions that you send. Please fill this out and bring it with supplemental food. You may request a menu for the week he/she is attending by emailing The menu is also posted on our camp website (subject to minor changes). Please contact our office if you need help finding it online.

 Lastly, we do have kids who come to camp with severe food allergies but they must be aware of their allergy and of course, know what they can and can not have. We also provide a special Woodlands wristband to campers with rescue medication (epi-pens, inhalers) to alert the staff that medication is available in the event of an emergency. We know the severity of food allergies varies so we trust you as the parent to ultimately decide if the camp environment is safe for your child's health. If you feel that it is- we certainly will do what we can to make sure has a safe and unforgettable week. If you have further medical questions, please feel free to email the camp nurse at