attendance policy

Please plan to have your campers stay for the entire duration of camp. We have procedures in place for emergencies as they arise. If one of your campers does need to arrive late or leaving early from camp, please complete the Late Arrival/Early Check-Out Form.


Take a look at what your campers will be doing while they are at camp! 


packing list

Your campers are going to have a blast at camp! There are so many fun things for them to do, so there is no need for your campers to bring electronic devices or sports equipment. These items should remain at home. Another great idea while packing is to ask yourself, “Would my child be allowed to bring this to school?” If the answer is no, then it’s probably not suitable for camp either. At the beginning of the week, we will ask the campers if they have packed any of these items. If they have, we will gather the items and store them in a safe place during the week. The items will be returned to them at the end of the week. 


spiritual impact

Your campers will be able to experience many different types of worship from a corporate worship session, to small groups with their cabin to one-on-one conversations with their counselor. It is one of our main priorities that each camper will be able to experience God in a new way and that they will be able to deepen their relationship with Him. For more information about our spiritual impact at camp, please click the link below.



Our food at camp is delicious! We want to provide the campers with excellent food and extraordinary service. If there is something on the menu that your camper may not eat, please have them complete the Allergy Form so our Food Service Manager may be aware of his/her allergy. You are more than welcome to bring supplemental food if necessary. We do have a refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dry storage area for supplemental food.



Safety is one of our primary concerns. For this reason, visitors are strongly discouraged. Please communicate this policy to your camper's parents, church members, etc.