Health and Safety

Safety is one of our primary concerns at Woodlands Camp. Your kids become our kids when they step onto camp, so we take their well being very seriously. For this reason, we have the following safety standards and procedures in place.

Health Staff

Because safety is such a big priority, we take special care when choosing our health staff. They are present with first aid equipment at camp activities. We have two Registered Nurses and three health assistants on staff as well as a doctor on call. If you have questions regarding a health concern for your child please contact


While camp is in session, visitors are prohibited. Special exceptions may be granted by the office prior to a visit. Guests are required to check-in upon arrival and check-out at the camp office. Guests are required to remain with Woodlands staff or an approved chaperon while on camp property. Woodlands Camp reserves the right to decline any visitation request. If a visitor knowingly fails to comply with any camp policy, they will be asked to leave the premises. If necessary, local authorities will be contacted. 

Swim Time Safety

Every camper is required to take a swim test before the first swim session starts. We take swim safety extremely seriously. There are always at least 10 certified lifeguards present and actively watching the campers during swim time. 

Food Allergies/Sensitivity Policy

There are a wide variety of food allergies and sensitivities that children have. Unfortunately, due to time restraints and the volume of food served each meal at Woodlands, we do not offer special dietary menus at this time. If your child has an allergy or sensitivity, please check our menu: Junior Camp Menu.

If you feel your child needs supplemental/replacement food you may send these and deliver them to the camp kitchen the day of registration between 2:30-4:30 INCLUDING a filled out Allergy form: Junior Camp Allergy Form.

Due to the risk of cross contamination and health codes, the kitchen staff cannot cook individual meals. Everything must be pre-made/cooked and pre-packaged in serving size containers. A refrigerator, freezer, dry storage and microwave is available. Please follow the following labeling instructions:

Camper Name (Happy Camper)
Date to be served (Monday, June 20)
Meal to be served (Breakfast)

A note about severe food allergies: We do have kids who come to camp with severe food allergies, but they must be aware of their allergy and of course, know what they can and can not have. Our kitchen is not nut free and many of the mixes, etc. – even though they do not contain peanuts- have been "processed in a place that processes peanuts, etc., etc…" If something is served that actually contains nuts, the kitchen staff places a sign by that food that lets the camper know it contains nuts. We also provide a special Woodlands wristband to campers with rescue medication (epi-pens, inhalers) to alert the staff that medication is available in the event of an emergency. We know the severity of food allergies varies so we trust you as the parent to ultimately decide if the camp environment is safe for your child's health. If you feel that it is, we certainly will do what we can to make sure has a safe and unforgettable week. If you have further medical questions, please feel free to email the camp nurse at

Diabetic Campers

We ask that the camper is "well controlled" meaning they have had consistent BS levels for the last 6-9 weeks (prior to camp), they need to know their high and low symptoms (and not be afraid to tell someone) and do not need any regular middle of the night care (BS checks, insulin doses). Some campers are fairly self sufficient and some need more help. The clinic is attached to the dining hall so communicating and checking BS at mealtimes is very convenient. We are happy to help calculate carbs and give insulin as long as the camper is willing to communicate with the lead nurse and "having to check in with the nurse" doesn't bother them or feel like it will take away from their camp experience. We do keep records of their mealtime BS levels and insulin doses for our documentation. Some campers bring an extra glucometer to keep in the clinic and one to keep with them for convenience but this is not required if you do not have a second one. We also have a refrigerator to keep insulin and any extra supplies. Checking BS at any point during the day is not a problem and is preferable prior to swim time and required if there have been irregularities.  Keeping snacks, glucose tabs, etc with them and in their cabin is permitted as well. Camp is definitely a more active environment than school so please keep that in mind when discussing camp with your campers doctor and in sending instructions for correction doses, carb ratios, etc for their week of camp.  

Physical and/or Mental Limitations

It is our desire that every child have an opportunity to attend Woodlands.  However, some physical and/or mental limitations may prevent a child from having a safe and enjoyable week at camp. In regard to physical and/or mental disabilities or limitations, we ask that each child have the ability to perform all activities of daily living (dressing, eating, ambulating, toileting and hygiene) with independence. We do have handicap access to most buildings but please notify our office BEFORE camper arrival to be sure we can safely accommodate your child. In regards to mental limitations or developmental delays, each camper needs to have the ability to understand and follow rules and instructions. Many activities at camp have an inherent risk associated with them (zip line, swimming, etc.) and require a cognitive understanding of procedure and potential dangers before participating.  Your child will be expected to have the ability to follow these instructions for their safety. If your child needs assistance in any of these areas and you are unsure whether your child can safely attend camp, please contact our nurse at

After Hours Emergencies

Our office is open from 8:30am-5:30pm on regular business days. In the event of an emergency and you need to contact someone after business hours, please call 706-348-3742.

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