The sample rates below are example packages and do not reflect specific pricing for any group. Actual rates will vary greatly depending on several factors that are distinctive to each guest group. Please contact our Groups Director, Scott Simpson, at for specific pricing for your retreat.


Sample Packages
(2019 Pricing)

2 Nights
4 Meals

2 Nights
5 Meals

3 Nights
7 Meals

2 Nights
6 Meals

3 Nights
8 Meals

3 Nights
9 Meals


What do the above listed prices cover? 

These prices cover lodging, meals, exclusive use of the camp & conference center facilities, staffing and maintenance.

Are there any hidden costs? 

The above listed prices are all‐inclusive. The only additional costs would be for spending money (Trading Post or Paintball) and selected activities (zip line, archery tag, the waterfront and Euro Bungee cost $35/hr. each).

What is the basis for these prices? 

First night's lodging                        $73.00 per person
Each additional night's lodging     $25.00 per person

Each meal                                        $8.50 per person
Note: These prices include menus designed by the Woodlands' Food Service Manager.
Special menu requests may alter pricing.

What is the rate for day guests? 

Day guests will be charged for meals, as well as a $25 per day accommodation fee.

Are there discounts available for children? 

Children ages 0‐2 may deduct 75% while children ages 3‐6 may deduct 50% from the appropriate price.


Returning groups are eligible to receive a 10% discount providing all of the following conditions are met:

  • Complete the Retreat Survey within two weeks of the last day of your retreat.

  • Return the Rental Agreement within two weeks of it being offered.

  • Meet the minimum number of guests.

  • Roll over the security deposit to next year.

All prices on this page are in effect as of January 1, 2019.

2019 Guest Packet