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wknd@wdlnds registration date // January 2, 2020
summer camp registration date // February 22, 2020

wknd@wdlnds registration times

12:00pm // elementary school wknd@wdlnds
12:00pm // middle school wknd@wdlnds
12:00pm // high school wknd@wdlnds

summer camp registration times

8:30am // pee-wee camp
9:00am // junior camp // 9:30am xtreme junior camp
10:00am // junior high camp & 10:30am xtreme junior high camp
11:00 am // teen camp & 11:30am xtreme teen camp

before online registration

  • If your family is new to Woodlands, please create a new account.

  • If a child in your family has attended Woodlands Camp before, please login to your account prior to registration day and make any necessary updates.

  • If you need to add a new member to your family, Login > "My Profile” > "Manage Family" > "Create New Family Account" (if a new account is being created).

  • If you are unable to remember your email or password, please call our office before registration day.

  • IMPORTANT: When updating your online account, check the greeting at the top right of the screen. It should say, "Hi, (parent's name)!". If it says, "Hi, (camper's name)!", there is a problem that we will need to fix BEFORE YOU CAN REGISTER. Please call our office prior to registration day, and we will correct your account.

during online registration

  1. Login (screen 1) – enter your email and password to login to your account

  2. Account Dashboard (screen 2) – select "Register a Camper Online” (top left box)

  3. Select Attendee (screen 3) – choose the appropriate camper from drop down

  4. Verify Attendee (screen 4) – verify your camper’s information and t-shirt size

  5. Select Event (screen 5) - select the week you would like your camper to attend camp (only the weeks your child is eligible for will appear)

  6. Enter Church (screen 6) – enter the full name of your home church (if any)

  7. Pending Registrations (screen 7) – verify the week you chose is correct

  8. Release Form (screen 8) – agree to terms and enter electronic signature

  9. Payment Selection (screen 9) – you will need to know your account type (checking or savings), bank name, routing number and account number

  10. Confirm Registration (screen 10) – select "Finish"

after online registration

  • Health Form – you will need two emergency contacts and their contact info, date of last tetanus shot and your health insurance information

  • Roommate Requests (max of two requests per camper) – you will need their parent’s email address

  • Spending Money – you may add funds to your child’s Trading Post account

  • Purchase a ProPack – ProPacks will be delivered upon arrival at Woodlands and come complete with everything your child will need to have a great week of camp!

other important information

  • Routing number (first 9 digits in the bottom left corner) and checking account number (middle set of numbers)

  • The registration deposit ($100) is non-transferable and non-refundable

  • You may login to your account in advance of registering your camper. However, your account will log out after 30 minutes of inactivity. Make sure you are actively logged into your account before your registration time.

  • You will need to refresh your screen at or after the exact opening time for your summer camp events to appear.

  • Your reservation will be locked in and held for five minutes after you choose your camper's week of camp giving you time to enter payment information. After five minutes, your spot will be released.

  • We strongly recommend that you use a desktop or laptop to register your child for camp. We do not recommend that you use a cell phone or tablet.

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