general information

We will reserve a maximum of 45% of each week’s spots for church groups. The remaining spots will be reserved for individual and scholarship campers. When 45% of a week's spots are held by church groups, that week will be closed to groups. There will be no exceptions.

Holds will be placed once the camp office has received the completed and signed Church Group Registration Form. We will begin accepting Church Group Registration Forms on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. Each group may hold as many spots as they need up to the number of campers they brought in the same age group as last summer. Groups may also request to increase their total spots up to 10%, but Woodlands reserves the right to award the extra spots based on availability. Once all of your holds are filled, you may request extra spots in increments of 5 until the week is full. If your group is new to Woodlands, you may request up to a total of 20 spots for your group.

Please submit the Church Group Registration Form online. The first half of the deposit is due at noon EST on Friday, January 11. You may either mail the check or pay online with an electronic check. An initial deposit of $50 is due for each spot held (e.g. 10 spots = $500).

Mark a first and second week option on your Church Group Registration Form, in case the first option fills up.

Completed Church Group Registration Forms will be processed in the order they are received. The Church Group Registration Form will not register your campers. It will only hold your spots giving you time to register your campers.

Holds are guaranteed until February 20, 2019. After February 20, all anonymous holds will be released to the general public. After March 1, if spots are still available, five holds may be given at a time and will expire within one week.

group leader instructions & responsibilities

If you were a group leader last year, you may use your login from last year. If you are a new group leader, your login information will be sent to you. Once you are logged in to your account, you will be able to see the group balance and names of campers who have successfully registered to attend with the group, as well as any anonymous holds (held group spots that haven't been filled by a camper).

Each group leader will be able to enter camper names to email a church group code to the camper's parent. These codes will be used by the camper's PARENT to register their camper online with their church group. You will be able to see each camper's code once their name has been entered on the roster.

paying as a group

All group payments must be made with an electronic check or a church check. If paying with a check, please make the check out to "Woodlands Camp". No credit cards or individual checks will be accepted when registering as a church group. Please instruct parents to make their checks payable to the church. Parents of campers attending with church groups will not have access to make a payment for their camper's registration online. They will be able to add funds to their camper's Trading Post (camp store) account and purchase email packages online. If they are asked to make a payment towards their registration fee, please contact the office.

Church groups are responsible for collecting and tracking payments from their own campers. Woodlands will not keep track of camper’s payments when they attend with a church group. Their balance will be charged to the church in full. All payments from the church will be put towards the group balance. Church group leaders will have access to the group statement through the login page.

Initial group registration deposit = $50 per held spot (due with Church Group Registration Form)
Final group registration deposit = $50 per registered camper (due on February 20)
Remaining balance = see statement for final balance (due one week before arrival at camp)