What are your standard meal times?

We are flexible with our meal times, however the standard time is 8:00-8:30 Breakfast, 12:30-1:00 Lunch and 6:00-6:30 Dinner.

Do you have any special food for allergies? And what do we need to do to let the kitchen staff know about them?

We do provide a salad bar at most meals and do have options for most allergies; however, because we prepare for such a large number of guests we do not have the ability to prepare separate meals for those with allergies.  We suggest that they pack their own food that we can store in a fridge in the Dining Hall which is accessible 24 hours.  As far as letting our staff know, if there are any life threatening allergies we need to be aware of, please have your retreat leader give the information to our Food Service Manager or Guest Services Manager as soon as possible.

Do you have an on-site nurse?

We do not provide any sort of medical professional on site.  Upon arrival a list of the closest medical facilities will be given to the retreat leader. 

When do we need to have our final head count by? 

We ask for the final count (or as close as you can get) by ONE WEEK prior to your retreat.  Our office will then process an invoice and have that back to you so you are able to bring payment with you.  Whatever adjustments that need to be made can be settled up during the retreat and then payment arrangements can be set up accordingly.  

What about the schedule? 

We ask for the schedule of events as soon as possible, but no later than ONE WEEK prior to your retreat.  This ensures that we are able to staff your retreat accordingly. 

Do you provide the s'mores?

We do have s'more packs that you can purchase from our Trading Post for $2 each.  This includes a bamboo stick for roasting, two graham crackers, a piece of chocolate, a marshmallow for the s'more and then an extra marshmallow to roast as well!  

Are we allowed to open up the Zip Line/EuroBungey/Giant Swing/Archery Tag at night?

Of Course! We do shut down all attractions and stores at 12am (latest); however, you are more than welcome to have those as part of your schedule.

Does Woodlands have a noise policy?

Woodlands is located in a residential area. In order to be good neighbors, we have instituted the following policies regarding noise:

1. Music being played indoors should be contained to the room in which it is being played and should never be higher than 100db. Bass levels should be controlled so that they are never heard nor felt outside of the room in which the music is being played.
2. Outdoor loud speakers (which includes inside the dome) are only allowed between the hours of 9AM and 10PM. And should never be louder than 85db within 100 feet of the speakers. Bass levels must be controlled as well.
3. Permitting: The City of Cleveland requires a permit for any outdoor events requiring the use of loud speakers. This includes events in the dome. Woodlands will apply for those permits once the group’s schedule has been submitted to us. Obtaining a permit does not negate adherence to any other policies governing noise.

How do we go about selecting cabins to use?

You are allowed to pick any of our cabins/rooms to stay in that you'd like.  We do, however, have a 9 person minimum for all cabin rooms.  This is not how many actually stay in the cabin, but so we can adjust how many rooms you're allotted.  For every 100 people you bring, you also get 1 private room at no cost.  However, any additional rooms outside of the allotted amount (either cabin or private) are $25 per room.  For instance, if you bring 120 people, you would get 14 cabin rooms and 1 private room.  If you'd like to add anymore than that, you would be charged $25 per room.  

Can you give me an example of a schedule?

Click here for a sample retreat schedule.

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