What qualifications does Woodlands look for in a prospective SALT camper?

Woodlands is looking for campers who have a heart to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus, a passion for serving others, and leadership potential. Applicants must have been a camper at Woodlands and also be between the ages of 16-18 years old. SALT applicants must show a desire of wanting to grow spiritually while also showing the traits of a potential godly leader. 

When does SALT start and finish?

session   arrive for check-in at office             pick-up                       camps in progress (camper age)
SALT 1    June 3 at 11am                               June 21 at 9:15am                Junior 2-4 (ages  8-11)
SALT 2    June 24 at 11 am                            July 13 at 9:15am                 Junior High 1-3 (ages 11-13)
SALT 3    July 15 at 11am                              August 3 at 9:15am               Teen 1-3 (ages 13-18)
** Please note: You may not arrive before the arrival time listed. Please contact Brent Kimbro at bkimbro@woodlandscamp.org well in advance if, for some reason, you need to request to arrive at a different time than listed. 

What does the SALT program look like?

A normal day for SALT consists of serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with both extra service projects and spiritual sessions in between the meals. They will also serve in the trading post in the evenings and also attend most chapel sessions. SALT also takes trips on the weekends to promote bonding as well as providing an unforgettable experience.

Where will I be staying?

You will be sleeping in the NEXT Apartments: an apartment where you, the other SALT campers, and your SALT counselors will be making home for your three weeks with us. 

May I go home during the weekends of my stay? May my parents or friends come here to visit?

Unfortunately the answer to both questions is NO. During the duration of your 3-week stay, you will not be allowed to visit home or have your parents or friends visit you. We want you to be completely focused on being here for the three weeks, not focused on your friends or family back home. You only have three weeks to bond with the other SALT campers and impact people here, so we want to help you not get sidetracked from that. You will receive phone access on the weekends, so you can keep in touch with them that way!

What are the weekends like during SALT?

The weekends officially start after lunch on the last day of camp for that week. The purpose of weekends is to rest, renew, bond with other staffers and SALT campers, and have fun! This summer, we have organized activities and trips for the weekends! Be prepared to leave camp. Meals will be provided but you may want to bring some spending money. 

How much money will I need to bring?

You will need to bring enough money for whatever you plan to buy in the trading post during the duration of your 3-week stay. This summer, meals will be provided for you even on weekends, however we recommend that you bring extra money for snacks on the weekends, extra spending money for the weekends, or a run to Wal-Mart for anything you may have forgotten. 

What else should I be sure to bring?

Work clothes and work shoes (you might get dirty!), modest one-piece swim suit, bedding for a standard twin mattress, beach and bath towels (we recommend 2 of each), Bible, journal, pen, toiletries, laundry detergent (we provide washers and dryers at no cost to you, however we do not provide detergent or dryer sheets), and a nicer outfit for church on Sunday, though the local churches tend to dress more casually. You may bring a cell phone for the weekends, but will be required to turn it in to our office during the week, just like our staff is required to do. NOTE: We are not responsible for protecting your valuables from theft or damage. We highly recommend you do not bring valuable items to camp. Click here for an extensive packing list.

Can I bring my car to camp?

Yes, however once you check in you will be asked to park your car and leave it there until the last day of your session when it is time to leave. We will also ask to keep your keys in the office just in case we need to move it at any time. 

For more information, please contact Brent Kimbro at bkimbro@woodlandscamp.org.