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It is our desire to make SALT as affordable as possible. Therefore, we offer SALT campers a chance to earn up to $200 worth of scholarships! To earn the SALT scholarship, you will need to complete two of the six scholarship options below. Each completed task earns you a $100 scholarship from our Jean Galloway Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Instructions: Below are descriptions of the different ways you may earn a $100 scholarship toward your SALT fee. You  may complete two of them. Each one has some sort of written assignment that you will be required to turn in (whether it's a form to fill out and sign, a journal, etc). Each form must be turned in 2 weeks prior to your SALT session. You may mail it in, fax it, or scan it into your computer and email it to me.

Scholarship Opportunity Options

Quiet time journal

Description: Keep a journal of your quiet times between now and the summer. Write the date, the passage read, and the ONE THING you learned from the passage. Of course, you might miss a day here and there, but you must have at least 5 days out of every week (starting at least by Feburary 1) recorded.

Submission: Email me two weeks prior to your SALT session letting me know you are doing this scholarship opportunity. Then, bring the journal with you to your SALT sessions to be reviewed. Once I see your journal, your scholarship will be applied (We understand that this journal will be personal. We will not read every day's entry in detail. We will, however, read a few days at random and see that you did record an acceptable amount of days.)

Scripture memory

Description: Memorize one of the passages of Scripture below. You must recite this to a parent, grandparent or guardian. Verses must be quoted word perfect with a max of one one-word help per verse. 

  • Psalm 139

  • Galatians 5

  • Ephesians 6

  • James 1

Submission: You must submit the following form (signed by listener) to the office two weeks prior to your SALT session (click here for required form).

New Testament reading

Description: Read the entire New Testament between now and your SALT session (does not count if you have already read it. If you have, you must re-read it between now and your SALT session).

Submission: Submit form (click here for required form) signed by a parent or guardian saying you read it. Must be submitted to the office two weeks prior to your SALT session. Here is a sample 90-day reading schedule.

Church volunteering

Description: Volunteer at your church a minimum of 20 hours between now and summer. 

Submission: Have a church leader sign a form confirming what you did to volunteer and how many hours you volunteered for. You must submit this form to the office two weeks prior to your SALT session. (click here for required form)

Sample Ideas: A few ways you could volunteer at your church include: volunteering with the children's ministry, teaching a class, leading a small group, working in the nursery, going on visitations, helping out with your youth group, etc.


Description: Find an older Christian whom you look up to and ask them to mentor you. Meet a minimum of ten times before attending SALT. 

Submission: Keep track of the dates on which you met and the content discussed on a sheet of paper and have the mentor sign the sheet when finished. Then, write a short paragraph about some ways meeting with an older mentor was helpful to you. You must submit the sheet and the summary paragraph two weeks prior to your SALT session. They must be submitted via mail, fax, or scanned into a computer and emailed to You may not take a picture of the form and send it. It must be a scanned document. 

Leadership book

Description: Read The Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley and write a short summary for every chapter and then a conclusion paragraph stating how the book impacted your life/action steps you want to take after reading the book. The book is available at a very fair price at

Submission: You must submit the chapter summaries and conclusion paragraph to our office two weeks prior to your SALT session. These must be submitted via mail, fax, or emailed to