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We believe that our hiring process is one of the most in-depth and rigorous processes our summer staffers go through because we want to find out who they are and if they will fit within Woodlands' standards. Every year more than 200 applicants are prayed over and discussed before settling on our 66 summer staffers. With such a high apply-to-hire ratio, we can be very selective in our hiring process.

College-aged students from all over the country apply to work at Woodlands during the summer. Some we have connections with, but most of them have never even stepped foot on Woodlands' property. The application process is very extensive. We ask detailed questions so we can get the best picture of who our potential summer staff could be. In the application, they are asked if they have ever been convicted of a felony and if they are under indictment or probation for a crime. Every application is read through by five different members of our full-time staff team. Each person that reads the application will submit a form that states what stood out to them and if they have any concerns about the applicant.

Our Groups Director will also do a phone interview with each applicant. The phone interview typically lasts about 20 minutes. More detailed questions about the applicant's family, relationship with the Lord, strengths and weaknesses are asked throughout the phone interview. Anything that stands out or is a concern will be noted.

Each applicant must also give a spiritual reference and an occupational reference in order to be considered for a summer staff position. References cannot be a family member. The references are asked to rate the applicant in areas such as work ethic, authority, people skills, spiritual life and personality.

After the applicant is hired on as a summer staffer, a background check will be submitted. We use an outside company for the background checks called Protect My Ministry