teen schedule.jpg

7am - Wake up!
Rise and shine and cabin clean up! Cabin clean up is a great way to teach responsibility and win points for your cabin.

8:30am - Breakfast/Quiet Time
The most important meal of the day! Then, campers dive into God’s Word for themselves, with direction from their counselors.

9:40am - Morning Chapel
The speaker of the week takes time opening up God’s Word to the campers.

10:45am - Cabin Challenges
Campers compete in unique cabin vs. cabin challenges! This provides an opportunity to win points towards their cabin’s score in the week long Camp Champs competition.

12:30pm - Lunch/Scripture Memory
Don’t worry! We encourage everyone to drink plenty of water. Then, campers head to their air conditioned cabins to spend the hottest part of the day memorizing God’s Word and resting.

2pm - Free Time
Campers can re-visit some of their favorite activities such as the Euro-Bungy, zip line, blob, swim, play in the dome or at the ball fields or shop at the Snack Shop, Gift Shop or Coffee Shop.

5:15pm - Troubleshooters
Unique only to our Teen program, troubleshooters allow campers to choose which breakout session to attend about current issues and biblical principles for their generation.

6pm - Dinner
Our chef creates unforgettable food that campers love!

7:10pm - Co-Op Challenges
For these challenges, cabins join forces with their “brother” or “sister” cabin and compete against another brother/sister cabin for points towards Camp Champs.

7:45pm - Clean Up/Free Time
Time to play volleyball, basketball, freshen up or grab a snack at the Trading Post!

9pm - Evening Chapel
The BEST part of the day! Campers gather for worship with our worship band and also hear a message from our speaker.

10:30pm - Cabin Devotions
Campers go back to the cabin to break down the evening message with their counselor as well as talk about other truths.

10:45pm - Lights Out
Time to get a good night’s sleep to be ready for tomorrow’s activities!