Packing List


- Modest length, loose fitting shorts or pants (our standard is that shorts come within 4” from the top of the knee when standing).
- Shirts with the sides cut out are not acceptable.
- Boxer style swimsuit; must fit appropriately.


- Modest length, loose fitting shorts or pants (our standard is that shorts come within 4” from the top of the knee when standing).
- Spandex, yoga pants and leggings are only acceptable if shorts are worn over them.
- Modest, loose fitting tops. Tops should not expose cleavage, midriff or undergarments and should have straps at least 2" wide. Strapless tops, halter‐tops and racer backs are not acceptable.
- Modest, one-piece swimsuit with straps. Swimsuits with low-cut tops, high-cut sides or cutouts are not acceptable. Tankinis are acceptable, but the top and bottom MUST stay together.


- Tennis shoes are required for many activities.
- Undergarments must always be covered by outer garments (i.e. no boxer shorts or bra straps showing, including sports bras).
- No clothing should be worn that promotes ideals that could be offensive or that are not consistent with the values of Woodlands (including profanity, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or other worldly ideals).
- Note: Our goal in developing a dress standard is to be both modest and practical. However, dress standards can often be a source of tension, especially among girl campers. In today’s society, the “less is more” mentality is displayed through low cut jeans and shorts, tight or revealing tops and short shorts. Please understand that Woodlands is committed to protecting the innocence of your child while they are in our care. With this in mind, we will ask campers who are inappropriately dressed (wearing articles of clothing not consistent with Woodlands’ dress standard) to change. We appreciate your sensitivity to this subject matter, as it is our goal to create an impactful, unforgettable camp environment that is free from distractions

What to Bring

- Unlike other campers, Xtreme campers sleep in hammocks! So please bring either a sleeping bag or a big blanket and a pillow. 
- Towels and toiletries
- T-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes and swimsuit
- Sunscreen
- Medication in original container
- Bible, pen and notebook
- Flashlight
- Water bottle
- Sandals/shoes that can get wet
- Backpack
- Headlamp

What NOT to Bring

- Electronics of any kind (including cell phones, MP3 players, gaming devices, laptops, tablets, radios, TVs, CD players, etc.)
- Fireworks, firearms or knives
- Body rings (body piercings)
- Tobacco, drugs or alcohol
- Sports equipment that could endanger others (such as skateboards, bikes, scooters, paintball/airsoft guns, bats, etc.)


Please do not pack medication. All camper medication must be turned in to our health assistants at registration. Only our health staff is allowed to administer medication. Our health center stocks basic over-the-counter medications (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Benadryl, etc.) and first aid supplies. It is not necessary to send these unless your child needs them on a regular basis.

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