Xtreme Junior High Camps are for 11-13 year-old campers, and each session runs Monday - Saturday. Tweens are a species all their own. They still possess some of the innocence of youth, yet they have to face many of the cultural issues that teens face. So, our Xtreme Junior High Camps are geared specifically for them. It is a great program for campers who are standing at one of life’s most important crossroads. Xtreme Junior High campers will be challenged on a high challenge course, go rock climbing and rappelling, hiking, and kayak down the Nantahala River. It will definitely be one of the most unforgettable weeks of their live!

Xtreme Junior Camps are for 8-11 year-old campers, and each session runs Monday - Friday.  Xtreme Junior Campers will have the opportunity to do unforgettable outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, learn basic survival skills, stay at camp for a day and go horseback riding! Above all, our desire is to see all of our campers leave camp with an assurance of their eternal destiny and a passion to spread Jesus’ fame to the far corners of the globe.


Xtreme Teen Camps are for 13-18 year-old campers, and each session runs Monday - Saturday. Xtreme Teen Camp at Woodlands is an experience all its own. Xtreme Teen campers will go hiking, go climbing and rappelling on a rock face, kayak the Chattahoochee, have a wild cave tour at the Lost Sea Cave and raft down the Occoee River.  Biblical values and beliefs are presented through individual quiet time, cabin devotions, Troubleshooters (group discussions on cultural issues) and chapel services. Oh yeah, there’s also a healthy dose of great friends, unforgettable memories and a ton of FUN!!!