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8:30am - Check-In
Campers start arriving and spending time with their counselor.

9:00am - Quiet Time
Campers dive into God’s word for themselves, with direction from their counselors.

9:30am - Chapel
The BEST part of the day! Campers gather for worship as well as hearing a message from our speaker.

10:00am - Cabin Devotions
Campers break down the message with their counselor as well as talk about other truths. This is a wonderful time of discipleship.

10:30am - Game Time!
This is a large group game that the entire camp plays at one time!

11:00am - Free Time Rotations!
Cabins of camper rotate through 2 free time activities having the time of their lives!

12:00pm - Lunch
Don’t forget to bring your sack lunch from home!

12:45pm - Scripture Memory Time
We take some time to memorize God’s word and get out of the sun.

1:30pm - Game Time!
We have worked hard to create unique, fun, unforgettable games that are tailored for each age group.

2:00pm - Free Time Rotations!
Two more free time activities for added fun in the afternoon

3:00pm - Snack Time
We provide a mid-afternoon snack as the counselor leads fun conversations.

3:30pm - Large Group Session
One last challenge before the day is over

4:00pm - Pick-Up
Time to go home!