weather safety.jpg

Weather safety is very important to us at Woodlands Camp. We have trained and communicated with our staff families, full-time staff and summer staff what to do if there is inclement weather. We are constantly monitoring the weather. We have an emergency weather radio located in our camp director's office as well as his home. 

The safety of our campers is our number one priority and we do not take any chances on the weather. If there is a storm approaching, we will have all of the campers move indoors. In the event of severe weather, the boy campers will move to the basement conference room in Pine Cove and the girls will move to the basement conference room in High Pointe.  We will continue to monitor the weather until all storms have passed. Campers will stay indoors until the "all clear" is given by our camp director.

We will still have lots of fun during rainy days! We have plenty of games and activities prepared to create an unforgettable experience at camp even if it rains.