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Greetings from beautiful North Georgia!

We are so excited about the opportunity for your retreat or conference to take place at Woodlands Camp. Woodlands has a tradition of being an UNFORGETTABLE experience for groups of all kinds. With an action-packed facility filled with endless activities and non-stop excitement, it's no wonder why our guests come back year after year.

Camp is often one of the most significant, life-changing experiences in a person's life. It is a place of renewal, refueling and refocus. Today's generation is inundated with the noise of culture. At Woodlands, our desire is to create an environment where God's presence is so significant that the distractions of the world and its influences are removed, even if for just one week or weekend. And when that happens combined with God's powerful Word being read, memorized, taught, modeled and preached... life change takes place!

Each group enjoys free reign of our 131-acre facility. During your stay, we devote our staff solely to meet your group’s needs by providing excellent service (whether it is food, setup, maintenance and miscellaneous behind-the-scenes work) thus allowing you to focus all of your attention on the spiritual and programmatic aspects of your stay. For more information about booking a retreat or conference, please contact our Groups Director, Scott Simpson, at scott@woodlandscamp.org.

2019 Guest Packet